Posted by: Matthew | May 11, 2010

Massively polluted night shows current policies are complete failures

Tonight it is windless in Kapiti. Driving up from Paekakariki to Te Horo there were two parts of State Highway 1 that absolutely stunk with visible clouds of death. With my car vents completely shut the smoke absolutely stunk my car out. One great stink was Raumati from Poplar Avenue all the way to Ikahara Avenue. The other was on the Mary Crest bend in Te Horo. At Mary Crest it’s been absolutely foul for the last few nights. What are they burning? Why does it stink so much?

Such a fouled nest that is Kapiti tonight shows the absolute folly of heating homes with wood burners. Not having a policy of banning such filthy technology is making our lives miserable. Come on KCDC show some backbone, people are suffering. Come on Mayor Rowan it’s happening on your watch. It’s your personal failure. What are you going to do about it?

The only reasonable policy is the COMPLETE BANNING OF WOOD BURNERS. They really suck, just like the people who use them. Why should anyone have to breathe wood smoke? It is toxic. It is poisonous. Why doesn’t public policy reflect those simple facts?

The emperor is not wearing any clothes. Woodsmoke is insidious and vile. Our society stinks. Thanks a real lot all you members of the New Zealand Home Heating Association. It is your fault, because your products are rubbish. Your products should be banned.



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