Posted by: Matthew | April 29, 2010

Kapiti Coast District Council doesn’t give two hoots about residents

The Kapiti Council will not under any circumstances revoke a permit to burn off in the open air.

Your neighbours might be burning off to harass you.

Your neighbours might be lauding it over you by building up their burn off piles.

Your neighbours might be bringing in trailer loads of stuff to burn.

Your neighbours might be putting black plastic on their burn off piles.

None of these are reasons enough for the Kapiti Coast District Council to revoke a burn off permit.

The Council, and it’s officers don’t give a damn about the residents. Shame, Shame, Shame KCDC.

And what should be the grounds for not issuing a permit? – the neighbours don’t want smoke. Yes, It’s as simple as that. Neighbours should have the right of veto over burning off on neighboring properties. It shouldn’t be limited to just certain wind directions. There are other neighbours. Wind directions change.

It doesn’t matter one iota if it’s a rural zone. As far as I know with my limited knowledge of human physiology, town dwellers and rural dwellers both have to breathe air.

It shouldn’t be disallowed only within 40 metres of a property. Smoke doesn’t travel only 40 metres and then disappear. Smoke can travel for hundreds and hundreds of metres.

People’s right to breathe unpolluted air 100% definitely should trump the right to burn off. What part of that doesn’t the Kapiti Coast council understand?

The Kapiti Coast District Council has a duty of care to it’s residents and visitors that extends to protecting them from poisonous toxins. Wood smoke is both poisonous and toxic. The Kapiti Coast District Council has a duty of care, and it is ignoring that duty.

This whole policy of allowing people to burn off willy-nilly is absolute bullshit. It is ruining peoples lives. The KCDC is ruining peoples lives by not doing its job properly.



  1. […] this is the Kapiti Coast District Council that did nothing about the burnoff smoke problem that drove me from my house in rural Te Horo. In fact they were worse than useless. Simon […]

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