Posted by: Matthew | April 12, 2010

How’s your seasonal asthma?

With the ending of daylight saving, and the start of the slightly cooler autumn weather, the firewood trucks and trailers are spewing out diesel fumes delivering their dirty burning pine logs and the woodburners of Kapiti are cranking up. Not to mention the still, windless days and the incessant burnoffs that this time of year brings.

So if you’re like me, you’ll be into that wonderful time of year where your asthma symptoms are flaring up. But salbutamol puffers are a prescription only medicine in New Zealand. So by the time you’ve gone to your GP, and then paid for a puffer at the chemists, you’re left little change out of $80. It’s just another way that the real costs of burning wood are passed on to the people who don’t burn wood. Yep it’s just another injustice we all have to endure and just another way that New Zealand society doesn’t care for it’s own citizens.

Wood smoke is toxic after all. You’d think that adequate and fair laws would be based on that fact, but that is not the case in a backwater like New Zealand.

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