Posted by: Matthew | April 8, 2010

Residents suffer due to neighbour’s burning off

UPDATE : 9th April. These fires were still smouldering over 24 hours from when they were first lit. There was still no wind to disperse the smoke. The immediate, and surrounding, areas are subjected to a huge pollution load. The suffering of the residents is continuing. The fires should not have been lit in the first place. Yet they are still burning. There has been a complete breakdown in the permit system and the pollution hotline system, and collectively the two councils have been unhelpful, even complicit, with the hugely polluting volume of smoke. If this hasn’t been a lesson in how not to manage burn-offs I don’t know what is. More thorough discussion on the breakdown of the systems will be given on this blog soon. Here is the link.

This morning (8th April) I awoke to find my neighbours, at somewhere nearby* had started burning off two piles of rubbish. It was 7 am. I could smell the smoke in my house. It was a cold frosty morning, and the smoke hit a low down inversion layer and spread everywhere, including upwind. I complained to the Greater Wellington Regional Council, who have done absolutely nothing about it.

This evening the whole area was still polluted. I have the smell of smoke in my house. My clothes smell of smoke. Outside with a torch there is so much smoke in the air you can play light sabres.

It is a complete outrage that there is so much smoke in the air. It is a complete outrage that nothing is getting done about it. I am suffering because of the smoke tonight. I want something done about it. That this is allowed to happen is a complete outrage. It is beyond anything anybody should have to put up with.

Between the Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Kapiti Coast District Council how can you allow this to happen? Why can there not be a complete ban on burning off? This is disgusting. If I have to put up with this anymore I’ll have to move home. It’s not only the intensity of tonight’s pollution, but the frequency in which my neighbours burn. Kapiti is as Clean and Green as a pig’s arse.

I call on Nathan Guy. I call on Nigel Wilson. I call on Jenny Rowan. I call on Darren Hughes. Do something to help me please. Do something to help all of Kapiti, and all of New Zealand. Ban burning off. It is as simple as that. Ban it. I am unwillingly paying the cost, and it is too high a cost. My eyes are sore. I am wheezing. This is in my own house.

*Apparently I’m not supposed to identify my neighbours as they find it threatening. So I get my house filled with smoke by these people, threatening my own existence, and I am supposed to be polite back. Once more the polluters are protected and their victims get no say.


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