Posted by: Matthew | April 6, 2010

Kapiti fluoride campaigners choose wrong target

It is unbelievable that the pseudo-science of the anti-Fluoride people can grab the public’s and councillors’ attention, yet I’m near a lone voice in pointing out that wood-smoke is toxic.

Fluorosis can cause a little bit of uneven whitening on your teeth, and fluoridation has clear public health benefits. Wood smoke exacerbates asthma and other respiratory disease, leading to the premature deaths of hundreds if not thousands of New Zealanders.

Hey everyone, public policy should be based on science, not pseudoscience.

If reading the Kapiti Observer is anything to go by there’s even a guy in Waikanae Beach convinced the new phone-tower is pumping out electromagnetic radiation that is turning his cat against him and clawing him as he walks past.

To be consistent at the very least if you are one of the anti-fluoride people, you should join me in calling for a complete ban on toxic wood smoke in Kapiti. If you are going to run around saying fluoride in water isn’t natural (it is) and wood smoke is perfectly “natural” then you do not know enough to positively contribute on any policy that requires even a smidgin of scientific knowledge.

No one is at any statistical risk of harm from fluoride in Kapiti’s water supply having additional fluoride. However you are at a significant statistical risk of death and disease if you breathe the air of Raumati, Paraparaumu or Waikanae on a night when people are using their woodfires.

Otaki’s and Paekakariki’s water supplies should be fluoridated. The NZ Ministry of Health backs this up. This Wikipedia article on water fluoridation is well balanced.

We should demand scientific policies, based on established facts. We should have safe, and fluoridated water to drink, and we should have safe, and wood smoke free air to breathe. A councillor delivering the opposite would be failing terribly in their public duty.


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