Posted by: Matthew | March 10, 2010

My Wellywood Sign

The airport is proposing a Wellywood sign to be plonked onto Miramar Hill.  Predictably there already is a Wellywood Sign Generator on the web. This is what I’d like to be visible all across Wellington especially from the Beehive for the drones inside to see.

Sometimes even dreams come true.



  1. Love it. If we could only get the national news shows to do investigative reporting on the increase in wood smoke and the health problems we are going to face as a result.

    As I discussed the problem with a noted attorney here, fighting wood smoke right now is a case by case issue in the states. Until we can get media to join us, it looks like an uphill battle.

  2. How about a class action against the Aust/NZ Home Heating Association for false advertising that has led to the installation of smoky wood burners that affect the health and lifestyle of neighbours?

    If a dozen people were to chip in, and we could find a ‘No-win, no-fee’ lawyer, we should have a reasonable chance. The evidence that the harm wood heating does to our health outweighs any possible benefits of wood heat is so strong that, with the right legal help, a successful case could make a real difference.

    • That is a fantastic idea. I don’t know how the legal system works. Anyone out there with legal nous who can advise us? I don’t mean the slimy lawyer bastard types who would help the AHHA threaten me with defamation, but real lawyers who give a damn about bettering society and social justice.
      Anything that makes people responsible for their pollution would be fantastic, so that they do think before they stink, and therefore don’t stink would be great.

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