Posted by: Matthew | March 9, 2010

Truth in Pollution Advertising

Today (March 9 2010) on page A12 of Wellington’s Dominion Post (print edition) was this advertisement.

I can’t comment further as my complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority is already in and one part of the complaint process is that you agree not to comment in other forums. They are some big, big claims that the firewood company is making, and the onus on them is to back up what they say with proof. You can complain too here if like me it caused you any offence.


  1. I find the fact that the media is advertising smoke and smoke burners, yet does not do investigative reporting about what that smoke is doing to harm the health and the property of others. Health costs are rising because lung problems are rising because air quality is deteriorating and stopping the burning of solid fuels in urban residential areas would reduce the air pollution and improve air quality 40 to 80% according to the EPA’s own research.

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