Posted by: Matthew | January 25, 2010

The zero-emission way to heat your home in New Zealand

This is a list of power stations in New Zealand. Most are zero-emission hydroelectric, wind or geothermal. Apart from Huntly, coal and diesel power stations make up only a small proportion of New Zealand’s electricity needs.

This means it is very much more ethical to heat your home using one of these:

than to use a complete abomination like one of these:

It is not at all normal to pollute your neighbourhood with  toxic woodsmoke. If someone does do it to you, not only do you have the right to ask them why they are polluting the air of your neighbourhood, you also are quite within your rights to ask them to stop doing it. The only amazing things are that they think the stink is normal in the first place, and, why by law, they are allowed to do so, and that industry groups are allowed to get away with encouraging such anti-social behaviour for the sake of their shareholders at the expense of the community.

Let’s face it, wood burners are horrible technology, used by horrible people, promoted by horrible companies, and the law is inadequate to protect us from the horror of woodsmoke. They are a blight on our towns and suburbs.

And remember it’s not only zero emissions of carbon dioxide that count. It is all the soot, particulates, dioxins, aldehydes, polycyclic hydrocarbons, benzene, toluene, arsenic and other heavy metals that are localised point sources right in the very neighbourhoods where people live. Wood burners are such a bad technology. They’re complete rubbish. They’re shit.

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