Posted by: Matthew | January 13, 2010

The smell of burning plastic again

When I moved out to where I live I thought I was getting far enough away from woodheaters that I could live my life without complaint and ride my bike, and enjoy the gardening and such, but I have been horrified by the amount of burning off there is going on. Is it like some sick Kiwi character trait or something? Habitual firebugs. I’m trying to keep quiet, but the amount of burning off I’ve seen and smelt between Waikanae and Shannon these past couple weeks, has been a lot.

So where I’d just love to retire this blog I find I can’t. I got home from work today late since I’d been on my bike, and I got welcomed home with a yard full of what smelt like burning plastic. It wasn’t my neighbours who’ve been caught before and are set to do so again and it wasn’t (I don’t think) the neighbours on the other side, who have a rubbish pile only metres from the boundary fence, which is going to annoy me greatly when they burn it off. It was just someone burning plastic, possibly even in a woodburner. I couldn’t find the source. 30 minutes later the smell was gone.

I cannot trust my neighbours to not burn plastic, inside or out. It’s not like I am worrying over nothing as there was definitely plastic burning somewhere nearby. This is just another reason all wood burners and all burning off should be completely banned. Burning plastic is an incredibly stupid thing to do and I shouldn’t have to be at the mercy of people who do stupid things.


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