Posted by: Matthew | January 7, 2010

Defending the Indefensible – how to do it properly.

Perhaps the Australian Home Heating Association instead of doing their own inept propaganda Public Relations should hire Glen Inwood at Omeka Public Relations. Look at the website there. There’s no way to send him or his company an email, or even a phone number to tell him what a great job he is doing, defending the indefensible, in this case for his client the Japanese Whale Slaughterers at the Institute of Cetacean Research. In that uncontactable, unaccountable, hear no evil way his company acts just like tobacco companies. (Go on see if you can find a complaints form on a cigarette manufacturer website) This blog entry on Poneke’s Weblog describes Glen Inwood’s unblinking PR’ing better than I can.

So if I was the AHHA and I worked out that my amateurish attempts to promote the lie that their prescribed (and unfollowable) method of using AS/NZS 4013 woodburners is “non polluting” and they don’t ruin the air quality of Australian and New Zealand towns and cities, even though they do, weren’t being believed out there amongst the general population I would hire Glen. He wouldn’t have any qualms, misgivings or conscience in helping out. He has a fine track record in defending the indefensible.

Wood burner industry groups / Cigarette companies / Southern Ocean whale hunters; are there any moral differences between any of them? I don’t think so.

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