Posted by: Matthew | January 5, 2010

It’s the middle of summer and people are still using their woodburners

It was a lovely warm day so on the way home from work I went for a hike in QE Park and when I got home at 9pm my house was still a warm, natural 22 degrees inside. So I’m still in shorts and will be til I go to bed. The temperature outside has dropped a little, but you could still spend the night sleeping on the ground naked with the hedgehogs if you so chose. This isn’t Tuktoyaktuk people.

My famous neighbours are using their wood burner tonight and smoking it up like nobody’s business, like they had some inate right to pollute, and it’s the middle of frickin’ summer. Someone was burning off in Paekakariki too. Coal down near the Tilley Road entrance.

What just kind of mindset do these people have? Do their neighbours get no relief at anytime of year from their incessant burning? It’s time to ban the use of wood burning stoves just like Hampstead, Quebec. There they require their removal as well. What sensible legislation they have in Hampstead. Instead here in Kapiti I’m left at the mercy of my neighbours and the wind.



  1. Maybe The writer needs to move to Hampstead Quebec, to get the clean air he so desires.
    This writer has no rights to tell people how they should live. What i choose to do in my own home is my own business.

    • Mr Mcguire, You are so wrong. The moral responsibility for wood smoke is not absolved as soon as it leaves a chimney. If that smokes go on to annoy, disturb or cause costs of any form to someone that person most definitely has the right to have an opinion on the smoke. If you pass on the external costs of a wood burner to me (financial, health or mental health costs and reduced quality of life) then I am definitely going to tell you that I am unwilling to pay them. If you then know that your wood smoke is unwanted and yet you continue in your errant behaviour then it does make you an utter bastard. There is no other way to describe how I feel about the people who have done this to me in the past, and will undoubtedly continue to do to me in the future. The law is as retarded as you in this regard, but for the sake of your neighbours I hope that you learn about the dangers of woodsmoke soon. And don’t tell me to piss off from wherever I live, but why don’t you actually make your neighbourhood a place where people can live unmolested by unnecessary toxic wood smoke pollution. Then these types of websites where someone dares to have an opinion different to yours (oh please your majesty) doesn’t have to exist. I’d be happy for this website not to exist, but there are polluting bastards in the community.

  2. ‘mcquire’ states that “what I choose to do in my own home is my own business”. In fact, ‘mcquire’ is quite mistaken, as are apparently a large number of other New Zealanders who at least BEHAVE as if they truly believe this. According to “If you’re a landowner, the law says you have the right to the ordinary use and enjoyment of your land. However, your neighbours also have this right. Nobody may interfere unreasonably with other people’s use and enjoyment of their land.” Pollution produced by your neighbour on his/her property that wafts across to your property in a ‘nuisanceful way’ constitutes that neighbour’s ‘unreasonable interference with your use and enjoyment of your land’. Many New Zealanders believe implicitly in their own rights to the enjoyment of THEIR property without fully understanding , much less taking into consideration, that their neighbours have EXACTLY THE SAME RIGHTS. The legal point here is that whatever mcquire would PREFER to believe, mcquire does NOT in fact have the right to ‘do whatever s/he wishes in his or her own home’ if what s/he is doing interferes with his/her neighbour’s rights. There is no law currently that specifically prohibits mcquire from burning wood in his/her woodburner. However, mcquire does NOT have the right to burn that wood in such a way that it interferes with any neighbour’s enjoyment of their property, just as mcquire does NOT have the right to play unreasonably loud music or make unreasonable noise on his own property if, again, it interferes with any of his neighbour’s enjoyment of their property.

    • Thankyou Janey.

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