Posted by: Matthew | December 25, 2009

Pahiko owners set to knowingly break the law

The people in Pahiko, at 1277 SH1, Te Horo have had two blog entries written about them before.

This one where they burnt plastic and this one where I showed the aftermath of that fire.

In summary they burnt off rubbish including plastic which is against the law, and I called the fire brigade and the fire brigade came and put the fire out.

After that they have received two letters, one from the Greater Wellington Regional Council telling them it is illegal to break the law and one from me telling me that their fire pit cannot be used without causing me nuisance, and it is their obligation when burning off not to create nuisance.

So here it is Xmas morning. Set for another burnoff, not only with all the plastic left over from last time from when the fire brigade put it out:

but also with new plastic rubbish:

Setting fire to this would be an illegal act, and what’s more Gary and Merle know that it would be illegal to do so, because they have been advised in writing from the GWRC.

If anyone sees it burning call the fire brigade and call the GWRCs pollution hotline number 0800 496 734.



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