Posted by: Matthew | December 22, 2009

Saying “Get over It” makes you a moron

Some of the feedback I’ve got to this blog (and my roading blog) is what I class as the moron defence. Some people don’t like being told the simple truth that wood smoke is toxic pollution and if that they make wood smoke then they are selfish bastards. So they’ll try to shut me up, and tell me I have no right to say what I am saying, or they’ll say that most moronic of sayings “Get Over It” and then incorrectly elaborate ad infinitum that there is nothing wrong with wood smoke.

So I assert these things:

  • Wood smoke is a nuisance.
  • Wood smoke is 100% unnecessary as there are other cleaner forms of heating.
  • Wood smoke is toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic.
  • Burning off should be banned.
  • Wood burners should be banned.
  • Forcing other people to smell smoke makes you a bastard.

If you don’t like me saying these things, then you “need to get over it”. I have nothing to “get over” apart from maybe the ingrained stupidity of farmers and homeowners, the apathetic inertia of the general public, and politician and council officer incompetence.

The law is currently inadequate to protect us all from the harm of smoke in the environment. That is what this site is about. It is about making the laws fairer and more just for everyone so that their quality of life is not diminished.

This is a fight for social and environmental justice. All the unaware and ill-educates amongst you will someday benefit from what you at present do not understand. Ignorance is not a defensible position. The air is precious, but your thin-skinned sensibilities are not.


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