Posted by: Matthew | December 18, 2009

Kapiti Council fails Te Horo residents

A few weeks back Kapiti Council had been advised that there were 4 large piles of rubbish at the rear of 62 Addington Road that were going to be burnt off and at least one neighbouring resident didn’t want it to happen. So presumably the owners of the paddock got a permit from the KCDC and this is fine behaviour for 7pm on a Friday night (update: it’s still burning at Noon on Saturday – completely unattended the whole time.)

Luckily I’m upwind from that outrage, but what about all the poor bastards living on Addington Road who have been copping smoke all day from the three huge piles that the landowners were too cheap to pay the dump fees on?

Kapiti Coast District Council, you failed the residents of Addington Road. They were exposed to a day of toxic wood smoke.

Remember if you smell nuisance smoke you are entitled to ring the Greater Wellington Regional Council’s 24 hour pollution hotline number 0800 496 734. Even if you fear a wind change and you don’t want it to happen give them a call. They won’t do much about it, but maybe it gets added to some statistics or something and some good will come of it. Maybe someday.

If they didn’t have a permit, can they please be prosecuted this time?  My neighbour’s who burnt plastic and didn’t have a permit got off with a letter from the Greater Wellington Regional Council. That’s not enough.

And good old Jill burnt without a permit and instead of being prosecuted she got given a permit.

The system as it stands is broken. GWRC has a monitoring role and a policing role and they don’t do anything. The KCDC issues permits, and they don’t enforce any rules. Neither council will act preemptively to prevent problem fires. Nobody ever gets prosecuted for breaking the law. You’ve got residents that are pissed off by the amount of smoke they have to put up with and they are getting totally ignored. It ain’t good enough. Things definitely need to change. There needs to be one council responsible for issuing permits (and not issuing permits if a neighbour has declared their place smoke free). One council should be responsible for prosecuting offenders who burn without a permit. That council should be responsible for all the pollution law compliance. The other council should have nothing to do with it. Presently they do not effectively communicate.If they did maybe I wouldn’t have to put up with my home being polluted with intolerable smoke.

And of course burning off should be banned.

It wasn’t only those 3 piles of burning rubbish that welcomed me home tonight. (The closest being 50 yards from my bedroom window), but also this one. Another neighbour who is giving me the right irrits by how often he burns. Weekly it seems. He needs to be stopped.

So I ask all the councillors, what are they going to do about the broken system that lets outrages like the above occur all too frequently?

Update : 10am Saturday the State Highway in Te Horo was enveloped in thick smoke burning from a paddock just south of Penray’s Fruit Stand. This uncontrolled willy-nilly burning off in this district is a bloody travesty. Something needs to be done about it.



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