Posted by: Matthew | December 6, 2009

Declare your home wood smoke free

Would you like to live your life smoke free all through summer and all through winter? Would you like to not have the air you breathe filled with toxins? And you’d like to get the message through to the Kapiti Coast Council, and to your neighbours. I know it can be pretty confrontational to knock on their door in the middle of the night and say “hey would you mind not polluting the neighbourhood?”

That way your neighbours will think twice before burning. Most people aren’t bastards, and once they understand that their smoke does adversely affect people they might change their behaviour. Those guys are the good ones who just need a little education. Of course there are the recalcitrant types who are bastards and that’s why we need laws to be protected from them.

To the Kapiti Coast District Counci, please do not allow any permits to install wood burners near these properties (or any properties) and please don’t allow permits to burn off near these properties (or any properties). Please also participate in prosecutions and education campaigns to stop the stink.

So how do you declare your home smoke free?

Firstly you need to print out some copies of this a5 pdf leaflet Declaration of Smoke Free Home and pop them in your neighbours’ letterboxes. It is a polite, non-confrontational notice that you wish your property to be undisturbed by woodsmoke. It also tells them how to declare their homes wood-smoke free too. If you’re only a tenant I have no problem with you declaring the house smoke free without notifying your landlord as you are the one who has to live in it and breathe the air. You want to realistically cover all the houses whose burning off affects you, but don’t just put them in houses that do burn off. Put them in your clean neighbours’ letter boxes too. They might like to declare their houses smoke free too. If their letter box has a no junk mail sign, put it in. It isn’t junk mail. It is a private letter between you and your neighbour.

Next send me an email, with your name and address (or just your address), and I’ll add you to the map. I’ll also keep a list and periodically provide it to council. I recommend you also write a letter to the KCDC explaining that you are now declared wood smoke free too. Something like this will do:

Dear Kapiti Coast District council,

My home at xxx www Road, Waikanae, is now declared wood-smoke free. Please co-operate with me to ensure that my wish to remain wood smoke free remains true as much as possible. Also please consider declaring the whole district wood smoke free too.

Yours sincerely,
Elmer Fudd

This is the link here at google maps: SMOKE FREE KAPITI MAP

And tell me if  your declaration has any effect.

Another idea is to make a small sign, like a “No Junk Mail Please” sign saying something like “Wood smoke free declared home.” Once there is a bit of interest I’ll get them manufactured.

And if you live outside of Kapiti I can add you to the map too.

Stand up for yourself against the tyranny of pollution.



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