Posted by: Matthew | December 6, 2009

Another weekend polluted

This neighbour of mine burns off regularly, at least 5 times in the last few months.  Here they are today about 4pm. There were kids playing in a neighbouring paddock. Luckily the smoke was blowing it away from them (and from me), but other neighbours along Addington Road would have copped it. Why do they burn so often? Are they burning rubbish? Do they have some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder?

And look at these 4 piles of cut up pine trees just over the back from me. That’s going to be a great day when they get burnt off. Can I at least have some notice so I can plan not to be home?

Remember the atmosphere is not a dump, despite how these neighbours of mine behave.

Every weekend gives me a better than 50% chance of someone close by burning off. That’s more than one out of two weekends where I am subjected to smoke. There was someone just north of Otaki making the hugest stink last night too. Driving to Levin my car got filled with the strong aroma of smoke, so I went to close my vents, but they were already shut. The amount of smoke was colossal. Greater Wellington Regional Council we have a problem. This is way too much smoke to have to put up with. We need to minimise the pollution levels, and the mathematical minimum is zero.



  1. is your house built of wood cos the way your going someone will likely just come burn that down and see how woodsmoke free your property is then

    • Simon, your details have been noted and are to be duly passed on to the police. Note that most of your abusive comments have not been approved. I do not take to threats kindly. Please do not make any more threats towards me. You are just another one who won’t let me speak my mind. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

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