Posted by: Matthew | December 5, 2009

Remembering Pahiko

My neighbours burn plastic. Their names are Gary and Merle and they live at Pahiko at 1277 SH1, Te Horo.

As far as I know they burnt without a permit. Even if they had one it is illegal to burn plastic.

All the GWRC council has done is written them a letter. No fine, no prosecution. And they got a letter from me too, politely, but firmly asking them not to burn off anything and to not let their smoke come over my fence into the air I have to breathe. I don’t care where the smoke comes from, including from inside their house, because I can no longer trust them not to burn plastic.

Yet last night when it was 17 degrees and warm enough to sleep outside in the nude they had a fire going, so I’ll take it as read that they won’t give a damn about me or my letter.

But they’re moving and hopefully I get some new neighbours who are in tune with New Zealand clean and green, rather than environmental terrorists:

Hey it’s even got a “fully functional woodshed”. Yippee!! And it also has a neighbour who won’t tolerate any smoke. Buyer beware. On the other hand I as your neighbour won’t use the woodburner (I have one, but I’ll never use it – I go the heatpump or warm socks) and I definitely won’t burn off. So there is no fear from me ever stinking you out. And wouldn’t it be great if you could get that guarantee everywhere you bought? It is such a lottery now to  buy a place not knowing how polluted it is going to be, and you don’t get that information in your LIM report.

So let’s have a revisit of what they were burning:

Yes big metal boxes burn particularly well, don’t they? And notice the melted tarp in the foreground and a half burnt plastic seat.

And let’s get a close up, and what’s that but spray cans, presumably with “Do not incinerate” written on the labels.  And look at all the melted plastic.:

Thanks Gary. Thanks Merle.



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