Posted by: Matthew | December 2, 2009

When trusted to burn, people burn anything.

As reported in the Dominion Post today the people of Wainuiomata are being subjected to airborne arsenic because people are burning preservative-treated wood. That is an act of terrorism.

Add that to the first hand evidence that people burn plastic and you’ve got pretty good evidence that people can’t be trusted to burn anything at all.

The only way to enforce a ban on burning toxic materials is a complete ban on burning. Wood smoke itself is toxic and pretty nasty stuff, but burning treated wood, and burning plastic is just unforgivable. It’s time to ban the burning. You can monitor the air til the cows some home, but there is only one real effective way to do anything about it. Ban the woodburners, ban all burning off and prosecute the offenders.

If someone put arsenic in the water supply it would be an act of terrorism. Why is it any different to put arsenic in the air supply?



  1. […] AHHA provides. Even following their advice still leads to high levels of woodsmoke pollution, and people can’t be trusted to burn. They’ll burn treated pine. they’ll burn plastic. People burn wet wood, newspapers, […]

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