Posted by: Matthew | December 2, 2009

Do something about burnoffs GWRC

Here is an open challenge to the Greater Wellington Regional Council and Nigel Wilson the Kapiti Constituency councillor.

Willy-nilly burning off in the Te Horo region of Kapiti is a real problem. I would say that on greater than 50% of all weekends since July I have been affected by nuisance smoke. I have called the pollution hotline a few times, but nothing really seems to get followed up. No council officer has rung me back during the week and said “Yep this is how we are going to deal with it”. There are no strong rules against burning. The namby, pamby don’t cause a nuisance rule is too weak and not enforced. All fires cause nuisance smoke by definition. It seems it is pretty easy to burn without a permit and face no penalty. There have been no prosecutions as far as I am aware. No on the spot fines. No education programmes. No monitoring of smoke levels. All we are left with is trying to do something on our own, like this blog. So I call on Nigel to lead the charge and help to keep the air above Kapiti clean. I want the GWRC to change the laws or bylaws, or whatever it is that they pontificate about, to prohibit burning off. Yes a 100% complete ban. No burning without a permit and then not give out permits. I want breaches, past and present, prosecuted and fines to be given out.

I want to be able to go outside on any day and be able to work in the garden. I want to be able to open my windows and let the outside air into my house. These to me seem fundamental rights.Why is it something that I have to ask for and beg for?

And I want the Greater Wellington Regional Council to send me an email for publishing on this blog to tell us what they are doing to protect the air quality of Kapiti. So how about it Nigel? What are you doing to help? What is the GWRC doing to help?

There has been positive feedback from both Nigel and the GWRC and moves are a foot.

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