Posted by: Matthew | November 29, 2009

Help!!!!! My neighbours burn plastic.

I went out to the shed and was overcome with the smell of burning plastic. A quick hunt around found the culprit; my neighbour.

so I walked down to their fire pit and took some photos:

Yep they’re burning plastic. See there is a plastic rubbish bin lid and a plastic tarpaulin and various other bits of plastic.

So I called the Greater Wellington Regional Council pollution hotline who put me through to the firies and the fire brigade came and put the whole stinking mess out.

This is clearly unacceptable, errant and let’s face it, appalling behaviour. This is why there should be a complete ban on burning off. People who think it is ok to burn think it is ok to burn any old shit. Yet I had a cloud of poisonous smoke at my house and I’m the one who felt woozy and tight in the chest after breathing it. There should also be an education campaign, and there should be large fines and criminal charges for behaviour like that. I am truly appalled.

I call for a complete ban on all burning off in all of Kapiti and all of New Zealand.

2 hours after this another neighbour started burning off. I’m completely surrounded by pyromaniacs and I have no quality of life. What did I do in my last life to get karma so bad in this one?

I’m going to declare my house smoke free. I am going to tell my neighbours that my house is now smoke free. No smoke is welcome in the air over my land. I am going to have to find some way to enforce it too. I am sick of it. It should not be happening.



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