Posted by: Matthew | November 10, 2009

Who was the moron burning off near the SH1 tonight?

There was a thick plume of smoke at about 6pm tonight 10/11/09 crossing the SH1 on the Raumati side of Paraparaumu? Anyone know who the moron pyromaniac was? I want to shame them here.

It was just another prime example of why burning off should be absolutely 100% illegal, rather than having wishy washy laws saying you can’t cause a nuisance. It’s always a frickin’ nuisance.

Another example is the night back in May or June when I was riding my bike along the Wharemauku Stream bikeway and someone was using the cover of darkness and the general stink of the woodfires as cover for burning off rubbish. They were doing that at the rear of 18 Pohutakawa Cres, Raumati and I copped a lungful and I rang 111. Absolute effing morons those people. These are the type of incidents that should lead to $10,000 fines and criminal convictions.



  1. […] Wharemauku Stream 18 11 2009 It is interesting to note this post at Kapiti Independent News about the Wharemauku Stream pathways. I concur that it is a pleasant ride, except for these bastards as noted here. […]

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